A doula, loosely translated from a Greek word meaning “woman-servant,” has now come to mean a birth companion...a woman experienced in childbirth who provides continuous support to a birthing mother and her family. Cultures throughout the world have had women birth-helpers in their communities who help educate and support families through the birth process in a variety of ways. Recent research has shown that continuous labor support from a doula has brought statistically significant improvements to a woman’s birth experience, including reduction of cesareans, decreasing the length of labor, reduction of the need for use of pitocin to stimulate labor, decreasing the use of forceps, and improving both short and long-term satisfaction in women’s views of their births and their perception of their babies (The Doula Book, Klaus, 2012). 
So what does a birth doula do? A doula may provide you with physical comfort, employ visualization/relaxation techniques, and suggest movement, positions and activity during labor. A doula may help you learn about your options for medical assistance and interventions. A doula may help you after birth with breastfeeding and learning to care for your body, mind and spirit. A doula can help you as you learn about your changing body, prioritize your goals for birth, find resources to help you make informed choices, and identify concerns or anxieties that may impact your experience through personalized birth preparation sessions.  A doula can help support you and your partner as you navigate the journey of birth.
Learn more about our birth doula services and pricing below!
Doulas often provide educational, physical and emotional support for Mamas and their families through the childbirth experience. For my doula clients, I also include professional photojournaling of your labor and delivery at no extra cost. You and your family can experience every moment without worrying who's in charge of pictures. 
What you receive from our birth doula package:
-2-3 prenatal visits to discuss questions, fears and ideas surrounding your personal birth needs 
-personalized educational sessions for you and your partner on how to work with your body in childbirth
-24 hour on-call availability for birth
-continuous attendance from me in labor and delivery and 1-2 hours after birth
-50+ complimentary professional photojournaling images from your birth 
-1-2 postpartum visits and support with breastfeeding, and care for baby and mama as needed!
Birth Doula services cost between $500-$900.
I provide doula services for my clients based on a mutually-decided set price within my fee range. If a family is able to afford care at the higher end of the range, it enables me to serve others at the lower! 
Consultations are always FREE. Please send a message in the contact form below to set up a consultation, or if you have any other questions about doula services. 
I am very grateful to the Mamas and families who have asked me to serve them through birth. Each of you have blessed me and taught me more about how to support other families in their journey. Thank you!
 Certified Birth Doula (CBI), birth photographer, owner of Mama Bear Doula Care & Photography
Thank you!

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